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Conservatorships in Los Angeles, CA


What Conservatorships Are For

Conservatorships are created by legal family members of a grown person who is no longer able to manage their own financial affairs. In most cases, these are made in order to protect elderly people but they can also be used for those who are disabled or ill.

How to Become a Conservator

The first step in becoming a conservator is to consult a well-informed attorney. Hiring a family lawyer will drastically increase your chances of being granted the conservatorship. The helpful legal professionals at The Law Office of Carla D. Allen are here to help you take the steps successfully.

Making the Request

Your conservator request is initiated when you consult with us and the probate court.

Providing Documentation

Next, you are required to provide proof of the disabled person’s inability to manage their finances. Ask our family law attorneys for help obtaining this required documentation.

Court Investigation

After you have submitted your documentation, the court will review it and conduct an investigation on you. This is to ensure you are a suitable conservator for the disabled person.

Attending a Court Hearing

The court’s decision will be revealed in a hearing. If they confirm that your loved one is, in fact, unable to handle their own affairs and you have passed the background checks, you will be legally established as the conservator. This will allow you to control part or all of the person’s assets and income. 

Ensuring Your Success

The Law Office of Carla D. Allen wants your loved one to be financially taken care of. When you have the proper documentation and the clearance to fill this need, our aggressive lawyers will fight for you to be able to obtain a conservatorship.