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Guardianship in Los Angeles, California

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Why Guardianship?

Guardianship is simply the term for when a status is granted to a person to care for a minor child and make decisions on his or her behalf. This guardianship may be planned, voluntary or contested. In order to obtain this status in any of these cases, you must file a court petition. To obtain the best outcome, rely on the guardianship specialists at The Law Office of Carla D. Allen.

Guardianship Types

Our capable team is able to help in obtaining any type of guardianship. All of them are listed below along with the ways we can help in each case.

Planned Guardianship

Many parents name a guardian for their children, usually a grandparent or other close relative, in the case of a tragic event. If you have been named as your grandchild’s guardian without writing from the parent, you will need the help of a qualified attorney to obtain the legal status. We can assist if the court questions your ability to care for your child based on your age, health or financial situation.

Dependency Proceedings

Some cases involve unfortunate events of children being abused, abandoned or neglected. When this happens, courts impose strict standards on the next guardian requiring you to pass a home study and be interviewed by a social worker. With these delicate and complex matters, you need the help of an attorney from The Law Office of Carla D. Allen to obtain your rightful guardianship as a relative.

Voluntary Guardianship

In some cases, parents do not see themselves fit to care for their own child and will establish a voluntary guardianship with their own parents. If you fail to obtain written consent from both biological parents to care for your grandchild, you will need assistance from our experienced professionals. We will ensure your grandchild ends up in caring, capable hands.

Contested Guardianship

Grandparents are sometimes challenged in their request for guardianship of a grandchild by aunts, uncles or other relatives. Hiring a lawyer will increase your chances of obtaining the status of legal guardianship. Our skilled family attorneys have a high success rate and will do their very best to help you become the guardianship of your grandchild.

Hire an Attorney

In these cases, hiring a lawyer is the best chance you and your grandchild have at success. We will do everything we can to ensure a favorable outcome.